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Finding the right FMCG knowhow

FMCG is a sector that continually demands the recruitment of the greatest talent. It is a fast-paced and innovative field that requires suitably fast-paced and innovative recruitment, and here at CY Partners, we have a strong reputation for providing the most tailored and relevant solutions.

As a client, you are likely to be attracted to our FMCG recruitment services by our extensive experience in recruiting for all manner of scientific and technical fields. We know how difficult it can be to find a new employee who actually fits in well with your team, on both a personal level and in the sense of driving forward your FMCG commitments. Our recruitment services for clients are truly tailored to your specific needs, and cover both temporary and permanent employment as well as the transition between the two.

Candidates also receive significant help from us in the advancement of their FMCG careers, including in the form of the most suitable CV and interview advice as well as access to unadvertised FMCG posts across the UK. On every occasion, we help suitable candidates and clients to find each other, as shown by our industry-leading fill rates.

Our recruitment services cover every aspect of the FMCG market, including:

Talented people are instrumental in the success of FMCG businesses, whether through product development, process optimisation or other innovation. Clients and candidates frequently cite us for the responsiveness and professionalism of our services, which is why we have such a strong reputation today among FMCG employers.