The Oil & Gas industry is an exciting, international, vibrant, and varied industry to work in. Opportunities are plentiful with many allowing you to work with cutting edge technology. It has an excellent health & safety record and many positions come with a healthy pay packet, however, with this can also mean working in remote, offshore locations and in a high risk environment.

The Oil & Gas industry in the UK currently employs hundreds of thousands of professionals through its extensive supply chain. Here at CY Partners, we focus on both temporary and permanent Oil & Gas positions across the full life cycle of roles so if you are determined to enter or progress in this industry or need to recruit, we’ll be able to help you.

Whether you are a mid to high-level Operations Engineers, Sub Sea Engineer, Project Manager, Chemist, or Technical Specialist or this is where you would like to be, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. Regardless of your exact job status, we have vast knowledge in Oil & Gas recruitment to give you honest, informed and trustworthy advice.

Oil & Gas organisations that recruit with us often do so time and time again knowing that we truly understand the needs of the industry and specific sector.

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