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We have well established relationships with companies that rely on us to find the right people for them. We work with small spin out university companies that are receiving funding and looking to grow, but we also work with big global household names that have changing demands all the time, they rely upon us to deliver people for them and we do a good job for them, we’re proud of that. Dan Younger, Director

What we do

Whether you need to expand your team or advance your scientific career, we listen, we engage and we take the time to properly understand your needs, then we look at finding a solution that is right for you.

We work closely with you to develop a recruitment strategy tailored to your requirements. We offer a service of value, that can be agile and support your urgent and long-term plans, during periods of growth, transformation, and change. Our proven processes can quickly and effectively deliver high quality talent for your business and a positive user experience for all.

We deliver an effective, bespoke experience to employers and candidates alike. We do this from an organisational standpoint by being recruitment experts, and at a personal level, by ensuring our team is qualified within the scientific industries they serve. This dual approach means we can connect the best candidates with the ideal role where they can undertake their best work, and drive the success of the company they work for.

We are dedicated to sourcing exceptional talent for our clients and to finding exciting new career opportunities for all our candidates.

Our capabilities include:

How we do it

Each member of our team is a recruitment and talent solution expert operating within a specific sector. The market knowledge and industry understanding they have ensure that they are able to provide expert service to our clients and candidates.

Following an initial consultation and evaluation of your requirements, we tailor and deliver a recruitment process needed to develop a coherent and positive recruitment strategy. This includes a dedicated member of our team, to be your trusted recruitment partner.

We have a broad network of connections to leverage and can quickly tap into our vast talent pool.

As industry specialists and subject matter experts, we know your market and understand the challenges you face. We can help with hard to fill vacancies and can provide market insight and guidance to hiring teams, including advice on acquisition and retention strategies, talent solutions, remuneration packages, skills shortages and hiring complexities. We believe that honesty is the only policy in recruitment and will be upfront with you if we think your requirements are unrealistic.

We change people’s lives, we solve staffing issues, we help people further their career ambitions, we enable organisations to grow.

What sets us apart

Simply put, we quickly understand your recruitment briefs and career aspirations, and we place huge emphasis on delivering a professional and quality experience every time we engage with our customers. We are always flexible and responsive in our approach and endeavour to make the recruitment process simple, easy, and ultimately successful for everyone.

Recruitment is a human activity, so we really take the time to apprehend the drivers of our candidates and clients by gaining a clear understanding of their business and who they are as people. Recruiting and job hunting can be stressful, so we retain a human touch by investing in building personal relationships with all those we work with.

In the changing world we live in, we know the current market and the most effective strategies for accessing top talent in the industry. Whether you are looking to fill a one-off vacancy or have multiple hiring requirements, you can rest assured that your needs are our priority.

We always work with integrity and strive to be a trusted and long-term partner for all our customers, so if you need to recruit or are looking for your next opportunity, we would love to hear from you.

What makes us different is that we work hard to really understand your challenges. This allows us to be able to deliver an appropriate and tailored solution which works for you. Probier Chatterjee, Director

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