Add value to your CV with volunteering

Adding value to your CV with volunteering

We all know volunteering looks good on your CV, but how do you make your application and CV stand out from the crowd using volunteering?

Make sure on applications and your CV, you not only mention the tasks you’ve participated in, but also the skills you’ve learnt along the way.

No doubt all the candidates will have the right qualifications. And they’ll all want the job. But what extras can you add? Boost your chances by highlighting and giving examples of the benefits of and skills gained via volunteering.

Having a wide skill set and a high number of attributes count when it comes to employment. It demonstrates that you can cover a wide number of skill areas within an organisation, which employers are always keen to see because they will ultimately aid that organisation should you get the job.

Yes, volunteering takes up lots of your time, however it’s very rewarding in the long run. If you have voluntary experience it shows you care and are interested in going the extra mile to support a worthy cause or organisation.

It proves you are capable of managing your time effectively, have a ‘can do’ attitude and that you have an interest in doing something different to the norm.

If you are efficient and organised that’s great. But if you can demonstrate that because you’ve recently overseen a successful charity evening raising money for a local community group so much the better!

If you have been doing work experience and giving up your free time, it can stand you in good stead for nailing that job interview, as experience matters. Make sure you can discuss this in lots of detail by providing and noting down information about your volunteering programme, and why you chose to do it. Who did you work with? What did you do? What did you learn? How has this helped you? These questions are always an excellent place to start.

Whilst you are volunteering try to gain valuable contacts you may be able to use in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions to further develop your knowledge and for advice on what they can offer. You never know it could be a job opportunity or a contact they know that’s looking for someone just like you.

You never know what future opportunities are out there. One thing is certain volunteering is so right.

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