6 Reasons You Should Register with a Specialist Recruitment Consultancy

We understand that finding the right job can be difficult — that’s where we come in.

You’ve done everything right. You have studied hard towards your degree, gained relevant experience in the field — yet, it seems there is no position out there that feels right for you.

We believe the best option is to let the professionals do all the heavy lifting for you!

1. Market Knowledge

The specialist recruitment consultants at CY Partners have an insider’s look at the job market. We know:
– which companies are hiring
– their contact information
– required skills
– suggested salaries
– extended career potential 
As your partner in the recruitment process, we serve as your “eyes and ears.” Utilising our resources is one of the greatest benefits to candidates during their job search.

2. Extended Reach

Some clients may be extremely selective or passively looking to fill a role, so have not posted it on their website. Recruitment agencies have connections that candidates don’t necessarily have access to, so we can get you in contact with the right people to fill often very niche roles.

Working with CY Partners gives a competitive advantage and can provide you with unique opportunities you may not be able to find on your own. Further down the career ladder we also have insight on executive roles across the sector, which can require an extensive and timely search process.

3. Personal Connection

Serving as partners in the recruitment process, we strive to make a personal connection with the job seekers and employers we work with.
Recruitment specialists in the scientific field know the employer “brand” and understand just what the employer is looking for in terms of skill set, culture, characteristics and more — we then seek out the right hire with this in mind.
Candidates are searching for employers with core values and culture which are aligned with their own beliefs and behaviours.
Our Recruitment Consultants at CY Partners are experts at finding the best fit. 

4. Timely Service

Time is precious. We understand that opportunities can come and go quickly, and that in some circumstances the timing is critical for job-seekers. It is our full time job to get you into your dream job – so take advantage of this. Instead of wasting your time scrolling the job boards, let us put those all important connections in place for you.

5. Candidate Support

Specialist Agencies are in constant contact with the companies that we recruit for. Our consultants are familiar with the recruitment process and can provide really helpful guidance to help make interviews and assessment centres a little less stressful. We know the skills and experience which will be most valued by the company, and can help you to highlight these to ensure you are viewed as a really strong candidate.
At CY Partners we pride ourselves on providing a service that is friendly, personable and tailored to you. We can help you in every stage of the recruitment process, from:
– helping you to improve your CV
– giving you interview advice
– providing details of how to get to the location of the interview
– provide feedback on how to improve your application
We want each candidate to be comfortable, equipped and ready for each interview — working with a Specialist Agency like CY Partners is a fantastic way to achieve this. 

6. Friendly and Free

If the first five reasons haven’t convinced you, the final one should! All of the benefits that Specialist Recruitment Agencies provide to candidates are FREE. There is no cost to candidates for registering with us. In return, we can provide you with the advice you need and connect you with employers to really help to kickstart your career.

Have any questions? Have you had positive experiences with our Recruitment Agency in the past? Get in contact with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or email us at [email protected].  

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