The Benefits of Work Experience

Potential employers these days are looking for graduates with more than just good marks! Believe it or not, gaining work experience is good for your future experience! Whether this is a part-time job in retail or a specialised internship, there are countless benefits to completing work experience before graduation.
Aside from enhancing employability, work experience gained through a part-time job, internship or industrial placement can really help you learn more about your own abilities. When put in a new work environment, you’re encouraged to explore your talents and figure out what you are best at. In other words, while you are preparing for a career at university, you’re applying this knowledge during your job or internship. In fact, work experience can often show you skills that you didn’t know you had!
In addition to highlighting hidden skills a part-time job or internship can teach lessons that might not be taught directly in a classroom setting. Interpersonal skills, teamwork, time management and communication are all imperative amongst new hires — work experience creates an environment where one can improve in these areas so that workplace communication comes easily after uni.
No matter of the type of job, work experience will also prepare you for workplace culture. By performing office etiquette and work within a multicultural environment consisting of many ages and backgrounds during uni, you will be much more acquainted when you start your career. When graduation arrives, you will be more than comfortable interacting in an office setting.
A final benefit from work experience is a possibility of a job offer at the end of your internship / placement. If you are able to showcase your skills during your time within a company, there is may be an opportunity to join the company after you graduate.
There are plenty more benefits to work experience during uni, but the bottom line is that we cannot stress it enough! Don’t shy away from positions in food service, retail or bars / pubs. As the saying goes, any experience is good experience and will set you apart from other applicants in a competitive job market.

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