The Three Simple 'P's' To Your Perfect Job

Sometimes job hunting can take a little longer than you hoped… but don’t worry! Persevere, remain Positive and be Prepared for each interview – and your perfect job could be just around the corner!

Whether you’re a graduate on the bottom rung of the career ladder, or an industry professional excited by the prospect of a new challenge, at one stage or another we’ve seen in ourselves this image of Rachel; confident and excited that we’re going to “get one of those job things.”

But it’s a competitive world out there, with Resume suggesting that on average as many as 118 people apply for any given position. Here are a few top tips from CY Partners on how to Persevere, Prepare and remain Positive in your search for your perfect job!

As cliché as it may sound- stay positive!

It’s no coincidence that there are so many articles out there discussing the link between a positive mental attitude and success in job hunting- the two really go hand in hand. Yet, if you endure resume rejection or a really tough interview, maintaining this positivity can be difficult…
It may be easier said than done, but in the famous words of the Gallagher brothers, Don’t Look Back in Anger. Try to learn from every interview experience, both positive and negative.
❓   Ask for feedback– are there any points raised a few times that you could work on?
?   Look for Positives- Try to find particular aspects in the roles that you are applying for that you feel passionate about- Employers really want to see that you believe this is the perfect job for you!

Persevere – And don’t beat yourself up!

The interview process is designed to test and challenge you and can be tiring as a result. Treat preparing for an interview in a similar way to how you prepared for an exam for your favourite subject:
✎   Revise: make sure you work on all of the essential and desired skills from the job specification and feel confident that you can really demonstrate these in an interview.
⚽  BUT take time out: Exercise, get outside, have fun and laughs with friends and family: a happy person is a positive person – qualities which every employer loves!

And lastly – BE PREPARED!

✔️   Don’t just research the company, but the hiring process as well. Websites such as are really helpful in sharing previous candidate’s insights into interview questions and what to expect from assessment centres.
✔️   Alternatively, you can ring the company to ask for this information directly – this demonstrates to an employer that you have skills in organisation and time management and have a pro-active and forward-thinking nature, qualities expressed as desirable, if not essential for most job roles.
✔️   Make use of Specialist Recruitment Organisations. They are industry experts with experience in finding you the perfect position in terms of interest, salary and career development, taking a bit of the pressure off (and best of all- they’re friendly and free!)
✔️  Keep your social media PG! TopResume states that 73% of companies have used social media to successfully hire a candidate, whilst 70% of employers have turned down candidates because of something negative they’ve found online. Turn your settings to private – or delete those drunken selfies!
Continue to be Prepared, Positive and Persevere- GOOD LUCK!

Emily Wilkinson

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