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What is Recruitment?

In short, the recruitment industry is in place to make the whole job search process a lot easier for both businesses and for job seekers.

Recruitment Consultants work at Recruitment Agencies and act as the vital link between businesses and job-seekers. It is the role of the Recruitment Agency to provide a cost-effective and efficient service to source applicants and fill positions for a wide range of temporary, contract and permanent roles.

A business will make a Recruitment Agency aware of a position that they need to fill, and it is the Recruitment Consultant’s role to find the best candidates and put them forward for an interview.

What does a Recruitment Consultant do?

Recruitment Consultants are real ‘people’ people.

Their job involves a lot of networking. Consultants work closely with hiring managers to establish an understanding of the role and the interview process. This close relationship with businesses often gives recruitment agencies access to jobs that aren’t advertised to the wider public.

Consultants then do the hard work for the Hiring Manager, reading through CV’s and sourcing the most appropriate candidates for the position.

Their role can also provide a massive support for job-seekers too. Recruitment Consultant’s have inside-out knowledge of the company, their recruitment process and the role that you have applied for, and can therefore put to rest any worries, questions or concerns that you may have. They can help you with everything from how to improve your CV and interview technique, to salary and career expectations – it is their job to get you a job and a Recruitment Consultant will be more than happy to help!

The recruitment process can be a difficult and confusing time for job-seekers, and this helping hand can really prove invaluable (particularly if you are a graduate with little experience of applying for roles).

What is a Specialist Recruitment Consultancy?

A specialist recruitment consultancy is slightly different to your average Recruitment Agency. We’ll use CY Partners as an example. Our Recruitment Consultancy specialises in the scientific sector. To give the best support and advice to businesses and to job-seekers, every member of our team have prior qualifications and work experience in an area of one of the scientific specialisms that we recruit for.

Our team are essentially scientists, recruiting scientists.

This means that you get a little bit extra with Specialist Recruitment Agencies. Our inside – out knowledge of scientific recruitment ensures that our Recruitment Consultants at CY Partners understand the roles that you are applying for and can best advise and prepare you for your new position.

There is no cost at all for registering and getting in touch with us, so why not give us a call on 0191 477 4733.

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