Our Science Inspired Christmas Guide

Now that the festive lights are going up and Christmas decorations are coming out its clear that it’s not long before Christmas day!.  Here at CY all our team are Science lovers, so we have put together a few little gift ideas of our favourite science themed Christmas gifts for a range of budgets.  Whether buying for someone else, a secret Santa at work or a little Christmas treat for yourself, our guide is full of unique and quirky gifts for those who appreciate science!


1. Science Inspired Jewellery

For the ladies in the office jewellery is always on our wish lists and pieces of science inspired jewellery has been on our radar all year.  There are so many pieces we liked, it was hard to narrow it down to just one piece however one of our team members who specialised in chemistry really liked the idea of the pieces which represented the molecular structure of coffee or serotonin.


2. Quirky Science Ice Cube Molds

Every year we do secret Santa at CY HQ so we are always on the lookout for small and quirky gifts.  We found a range of ice cube moulds representing all areas of science including neuroscience, chemistry and robotics.


3. Personalised Science Canvases

Our team liked the idea of some science inspired art.  One of our team who is interested in forensic sciences told us you can now order canvases of your own DNA profile, fingerprints or lips! Certainly this is high on their Christmas wish list!


4. Terrarium Kits

Our biologists interested in plant biology liked the idea of a plant based gift.  Small and portable terrarium kits were quite popular amongst our team, cool and a calming presence on their desks.


5. Adopt an endangered species

There are many registered charities which offer the ability to adopt an endangered animal and you can choose which species as well as the amount you pay for the adoption.  As science and animal lovers our team felt it was important their gift aligned with their own values and had a greater impact than just a personal one.


Keep an eye out for some of our other Christmas themed blogs including a blog which discusses sustainability at Christmas time!

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