Sustainability at Christmas!

Everyone can make a difference – big or small – when it comes to having a sustainable festive season.

Of course, here at CY Partners we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment throughout the year which made us think about Christmas, and how we could extend this to the festive season. With a few small changes we can all drastically reduce our environmental impact during the festive season. We have put together a few tips on how we can be more eco-friendly this Christmas time.

Sustainable Christmas Trees

If you’ve got an artificial tree already, keep using it – make it last as long as possible. Although artificial trees may seem like a more sustainable idea it would take at least 20 years of using the same artificial tree to make it sustainable so second hand artificial trees are the way to go, we are using a tree we were given and is at least 15 years old! Real trees which are farmed responsibly have less of an impact on the environment. Of course we will be making sure to recycle them after Christmas.

Using or buying a tree with roots lets you grow it outside and use it again next year, reducing its environmental impact and costing you less. There is now even the option to hire a tree!

Switch to LEDs

We are using energy-efficient LED lights for that sparkle around Christmas time.  Using LED lights with timers will save energy, reduce your carbon footprint and in the long run will also cost you less money since they last up to 20 times longer than regular bulbs!

Environmentally friendly Christmas tree decorations

Compared to traditional decorations such as tinsel, baubles and plastic tree toppers that can often end up in landfill once they are no longer of use,  paper, wooden, wool and felt decorations can serve as a good alternative. Recyclable glass baubles are also an excellent alternative.

Plastic Free Crackers

Festive crackers are always at our Christmas meal, but this year we will be switching to non plastic crackers. During this festive period we are estimated to produce 154,000.000 pieces of plastic in the UK alone. Our plastic free crackers still go with a bang and are much kinder to the environment.

Wrapping paper

We have switched to recycled wrapping paper and gift tags on our corporate Christmas gifts. Helping save some trees and cutting down on the 5 million tonnes of wrapping paper which goes to landfill every year from the UK. Another handy tip from one of our team members was to recycle old cards to make tags for Christmas gifts!


Again to save on wastage this year we have decided to send out Christmas greetings via email. The sparkles and laminates on some Christmas cards mean that they cannot be recycled. We will also use Christmas messages on our social media pages so everyone can see our season’s greetings!

Christmas is the most wasteful time of the year for food

So one of our lovely team members suggested cleaning out our cupboards before the big day and donating what we can to our local food bank. Freezing leftover food can also reduce your food wastage over the festive period.

There are many other sustainable ideas to help you achieve a more eco-friendly festive season. Our research was all done by a quick brainstorm and some online searches. At least if we don’t have a white Christmas this year we will have a green one!

If you’re looking for work or staff over the festive period or in the new year, contact us today!

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