How to keep focus and maximise efficiency while working from home...

With the government introducing social distancing measures more and more of us are working from our homes, including all the CY team!  So how do we manage to remain efficient and not get distracted while working in an environment we usually relax in?  We’ve put together some of our top tips for working from home!


1. Create a work space

The first step we’d recommend is to create a working environment which allows you to be efficient.  Clearing a space of any clutter which might be distracting and making room for your work items such as your laptop, notebook, this means you can have easy access to everything you need.  If possible create yourself a work station on a desk or a dining table and it’s really important to sit on a chair which has sufficient back support, the more comfortable you are the easier it will be to complete your tasks.

You need to set ground rules with others that may be at home to ensure they are not distracting you all the time!


2. Get ready

Just as you would usually, get up and get dressed.  Depending on your job and whether you may need to conference call or not you may choose to get dressed as you would for your job.  Getting dressed and ready as you usually would will help put you in a working mindset and can help recreate the office feel, it could also save you from the embarrassment of your colleagues seeing your pjs on a surprise conference call!!!!


3. Stick to a routine

It’s tempting when working from home to go to bed a little later the night before but you should try to stick to your normal work day routines.  Aim to adhere to your usual office hours and stick to your daily work schedule such as taking your lunch and regular breaks at a similar time.

Sticking to our routines isn’t just about staying productive at work but can also help our body clock to keep on track and assist in our mental wellbeing.

The routine has to include some element of self-care. You have to get your exercise, you need to eat healthfully… most of us are sitting around a lot more when we’re working from home.


4. Be organised

Make use of to do lists and plans, make sure you know what you want to achieve daily and aim to stick to them.  It’s very easy to start the day with good intentions and get distracted as the day goes on but having a clear plan of action day to day will help you to stay on track and on top of your workload.


5. Stay connected

Communication is key to keeping up to date with your team and your workload.  There are many free apps you can use to instant message your team, for the CY team we are currently using instant message, emails and video calls so we can keep in touch with each other.  In addition to making sure your up to date with the latest work tasks it also means you can communicate with your colleagues much the same as you would in the office!


Do you have any more tips you’ve found useful for working at home?  Comment on our social media and let us know your top tip for home working.

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