If you want to attract and retain top talent, you have to invest in employee development


The backbone of any company is its employees and this week marks on air and online learning at work week.  The candidate marketplace is an extremely competitive environment and those organisations which offer development, learning and training to their prospective and current employees will really have an advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.  We have picked just a few of the many benefits training and development can provide your organisation.


Improved employee performance

Providing in work training which is tailored to employee’s current roles presents a prime opportunity to improve the knowledge base and increase their performance.  Training can also help employees better understand their role, building their confidence and can provide them with different methods of executing the goals required of them.  Competent employees help your organisation keep on top of changing regulations, new ideas and trends within your industry and enable you to hold a position as a market leader. Providing the necessary training creates an overall knowledgeable workforce with employees who can take over for one another when required, helping your business to adapt to absences quickly and efficiently.


Increased productivity & efficiency

Productivity usually increases as a result of training.  Courses like six sigma training which specifically encourage employees to become more efficient in how they work are beneficial to the overall productivity of the organisation and can impact overall turnover and market share.


Increased innovation

Some of the organisations we work with often encourage employees to spend a certain amount of their work hours on innovation projects.  This is great for employee morale and encourages creative thinking, which can often lead to the development of new products or services which can have huge benefits for organisations.  Providing vocational training can really help to prevent your organisation becoming outdated and can increase your relevance within your market place through pioneering ideas.


Reduced employee turnover & increased retention

If employees feel they are invested in they will feel valued.  Training creates a supportive environment where employees have real job satisfaction making them more likely to stay at the organisation in their current role or progress further within.


Be somewhere people want to work

A place where employees are happy and feel truly valued is infectious and boosts the morale of your workforce, which impacts productivity.  Training and development opportunities create a positive environment in which employees want to work and enhances your overall brand reputation and attracts top talent to your organisation.


Truly investing in your workforce creates many opportunities for your organisation including boosting your brand and is a great way to propel your organisation in the future.


“You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business”. – Zig Ziglar

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