How we can improve our mental wellbeing at work during the pandemic

How we can improve our mental wellbeing at work during the pandemic.


Some of us are back at our place of work while others are going to be working from home for a while to come, but one thing is certain, our working lives have changed considerably during the pandemic.  With this in mind, and in support of mental health awareness week we’ve decided to look at ways to improve mental health at work.  Below are some of the thing which have been working for us and hopefully could help you.


  • Video call where possible

We’re using instant messaging services to communicate with the CY team but whenever possible we try to use video call, it’s much nicer for us to be able to see each other’s faces and it gives us a chance to check in on each other (and beards) offering our support! Our Monday team video call tends to set the week off to a great start by seeing everyone together, but we also use one to one video calls throughout the week just to talk and encourage discussions about the topic.


  • Get into a good routine

Managing when and how you work can be helpful, keeping a structure to the day has been really beneficial to our team.  Trying to keep our sleeping patterns as normal as possible and not get up too late has meant we have felt ready for work. As we are all working from home getting dressed ready for our working day, doing some exercise has helped us feel energised and mentally ready to start our workday.  Starting work at our usual time and finishing at the same time we would if we were at the office has meant we keep our regular routines too.


  • Exercise

It’s well known that exercise can boost our mental and physical health, in one form or another all our team have been exercising to keep our bodies and minds healthy throughout this time.  Some have been on their bikes, others have been running or doing online exercise videos including Zumba, yoga and HIIT workouts. Some are doing the daily PE with Joe classes with their children.  Even going for a 15-minute walk during the day can help clear your mind, taking breaks at work when you’re stressed  can boost your wellbeing and make you more productive.


  • Keeping Organised

Some of the team have been setting themselves daily and weekly to do lists which they use to feel a sense of achievement at the end of their working day or week.  Others have focused on creating a workspace in their homes where they can feel they are in a more work friendly environment, setting up makeshift desks and recreating as best we can our desks in the office.  This has made it easier to feel like we are at work and get into the right frame of mind to be productive.


  • Separating work and home

When you have finished work for the day, actually finish work!. This means turning off your work phone. Like a laptop, we need to switch ourselves off and recharge. It’s particularly vital not to have your work phone near your bed at night, as it interrupts your sleep. We all love our jobs but it’s important we switch off when our workday or week has finished.  Some of our team have packed away their workspaces when the working week is complete so our homes feels like home again, this separates work time from home time.  Other team members have exercised after work, meditated or gone for a walk outside to help us separate our time.  This has helped us unwind and relax after working.


There are many ways to look after your mental wellbeing while at work, these are just a few ideas we have been using while working from home.

If you have any more tips you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear them on our social media channels!

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