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Although most of the country may be in various states of lockdown at present, the job market has certainly not been put on hold. Here at CY Partners we have still been matching people with new job opportunities.  Many of those who have successfully completed the interview process and begun new roles, currently find themselves in a unique situation of starting a job remotely.

We’ve had many questions about how this will work and although each organisation is different, we have put together some ideas on how you can make the most of starting a new job while working remotely.


  • Be organised

Before you start your new job, get a workspace organised at home. Whether it’s your kitchen table or a desk in your bedroom, a quiet place where you feel comfortable is important to keep you productive. Make sure you check your internet connection is reliable before you start your job as you will likely rely on this to complete your work.  Check your laptop works properly, your microphone and camera are working, and you are able to send and receive emails.  Set out any goals you have been asked to achieve to help keep you on track and prioritise workload.


  • Learn how your team is communicating

This is a good idea to do before your first day, make sure you have downloaded and familiarised yourself with any additional software you might need to ensure you’re up and running on your first day.  If you’re unsure how your team is communicating, ask your team leader or your recruitment consultant.  This will also show a proactive approach to your work.


  • Introduce yourself

Just as you would if you were going into a workplace introduce yourself to your colleagues and give them a brief outline of what your role will look like.  There is no substitute for face-to-face relationship building but due to the circumstances you won’t be meeting people in the kitchen or in the office so expect this process to take a little longer.


  • Make use of video calls

Utilise video calls to get to know your colleagues better, perhaps instead of sending an email you could ask if they have the time for a quick video call.  This should help you get to know people better and they you.  You could also ask a manager if you could do a virtual coffee break to help you get to know your teammates.


  • Ask questions!

It’s not as easy to just pop into your manager’s office, so if there is anything you may need clarity on, write it down.  Make sure you reach out to the right people and ask important questions. It’s necessary to get on the right page and ensure understanding while working remotely. There are always going to be questions in a new job, and this shouldn’t get in the way.


All these points can help you feel settled in your new role and get to know the team you’re working with better, meaning you will be ready to jump into your workload and enjoy your new opportunity.


Good luck to everyone and stay safe!

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