Graduate support & advice - the resources you can use to make yourself a competitive candidate

In our ongoing commitment to assisting graduates in advancing their careers, in this post, we will explore various resources you can use to help you stand out from the crowd when you’re fresh out of university and applying for jobs.

University careers services

University careers services are a very helpful tool to graduates and they are a completely free service.  The majority of universities in the UK will have a team of dedicated professionals on-hand to help you explore graduate jobs, work experience and give you valuable careers advice.  University careers teams help put together events and webinars, they share information on their social media pages and manage employer job adverts on the university careers service website.   Your careers services are there to help you get into work and are a huge resource to which many other job seekers do not have access. We often hear from recent graduates who wish they had used their careers service more effectively – and not just in their final year.


The benefits of webinars present a new opportunity, all you need to do is organise your schedule of webinars to attend.  Webinars are usually free and open to everyone which is a resource you should take advantage of. For example, you can watch webinars about the industry you’d like to work or on careers advice and support.  Keeping up to date with industry trends provide an excellent talking point in an interview. Employers like to see people who are passionate about their work and if you can demonstrate you have a keen interest in your area this will make you a more competitive candidate.

Online training courses

There are thousands of courses now available on the Internet – including many free ones – which allow you to develop expertise in areas you would like to work. This means that you can acquire skills, from laboratory practices to quality standards, through online courses, making learning faster, more efficient and accessible to all. You can typically complete these courses at your own pace and in your preferred time, enabling you to apply these skills to advance your career.

Some of them even come with a professional certification.  Just some of the online learning platforms we recommend include:



LinkedIn Learning




Networking and conference participation

Building connections and participating in conferences are essential components of your professional journey. These activities provide you with the opportunity to interact with experts in your field, exchange ideas and stay updated on the latest industry trends. By connecting with like-minded individuals, you can broaden your horizons and forge valuable relationships that can open doors to exciting career opportunities.

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