The benefits of temporary contract work!

According to Statista there were estimated to be just over 1.65 million temporary workers in the UK as of May 2022.  And there are currently 1618 contract jobs in the UK science industry listed on LinkedIn.

Are you considering contract work? At CY Partners we have a steady flow of temporary opportunities throughout the year and a dedicated team of specialist consultants to help place you in temporary positions with some of the best clients in the life sciences sector.

Temporary positions can provide a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience, in fact there are plenty of reasons why contract work is beneficial, but before you make any big decisions, let us share a few:

Gain experience in a new field

You may be familiar with this feedback: “Your application looks great for the role, but we just require some experience and have selected a candidate who can demonstrate this.”

This can very often be a story for many who are looking to gain industry experience. Many employers who require temporary cover may have less stringent search criteria for that role and taking on a temporary position can be great for anyone new to the industry or the experience level, that they wish to work in. Whether you are a student, graduate or an experienced individual looking to move into a new area or career path these opportunities are perfect to build up experience.

A stepping stone

Temporary work also helps to place your ‘foot in the door’. We often find that a good percentage of temporary contracts are either extended or made permanent. A temporary contract allows you to demonstrate your skills and get noticed with an employer. They too may want to check that you like, suit and understand the role in hand.

In addition to better job prospects, organisations we work with will often advertise new roles internally before making these available externally. If you are already working within the organisation, then you are in pole position to apply for these internal opportunities. You may also find if you have made a good impression, that you are even directed to apply.


It’s not what you know, but who you know’: the phrase that keeps on giving.

Working on a temporary contract enables you to connect with more people in the industry and build a network of contacts.  It is important to use LinkedIn to keep in contact with these connections, this can often open doors when you are ready to find another position. People within the same organisation, or companies who work alongside each other, can provide invaluable references for an application.


One of the biggest and best benefits of temporary work is its flexibility.

Starting your career? Changing career paths? Terrified it won’t work out? No problem! Try it out on a temporary basis first! Not only do you get a good understanding of what the role entails, you also gain experience in the field. This means both your knowledge and your CV can only get better.

Working for various organisations you learn different skills, wider experience and demonstrate different ways of doing things, it can also allow you to work with different people who may have more experience in certain areas.

Depending on the contract position, you can pick and choose what assignments you would like to get involved in and what location is best for you.

And, if you do work a little bit more; your hourly pay means extra pay!

Overall, we feel temporary contracts provide many benefits.  If they are something you’d like to explore, please do not hesitate to contact one of our recruiters who can help find the perfect role for you.

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