Meet the CY Team, Helen explains her new role as Key Account Manager

Helen joined CY Partners back in February 2019 and was brought in to help with one of our key accounts for a Global Organisation within the biopharmaceutical sector.  At the beginning of 2021, Helen was promoted to Key Account Manager.


‘When I first started at CY Partners, I was supporting with the recruitment for the account I’m now managing, it’s been a rewarding journey.  Over this time, I’ve built strong relationships on a professional and personal level with key individuals I work with daily.  Working so closely with this team means I can truly understand their needs and deliver on exactly what they want.’


A typical week for Helen is usually quite busy, she works on prioritising which roles need filled urgently and shares the work between herself and other Consultants within the team.  Helen will liaise with her client to manage any urgent issues as well as managing contractors, speaking with potential candidates, arranging interviews and providing feedback to any applicant.  For any new hires, Helen will verify ID, references and make sure a candidate is ready to begin their first day at their new role. ‘Two of the biggest roles in my job are to stay organised and to keep in constant communication with my client. I want to deliver the best possible experience for them throughout the hiring process.  I work on a high volume of fixed term contracts, making this a very fast-paced environment. It’s crucial everything is managed effectively, consistently and to a very high standard.’


Helen has a BSc in Biology with Forensic Biology and a Master’s degree in Microbiology from Northumbria University.  She began her career in academia where she focused her research on the discovery of novel compounds with antimicrobial properties.  ‘I love helping people, so a job where I could combine my love of science and the enjoyment I feel from helping others was something which really appealed to me. This led me into recruitment’.


When she is not busy as a Consultant, Helen enjoys reading, photography and Zumba.


‘I really love working at CY, I feel like its’s such a nurturing environment which has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally.  I feel privileged to work with such a kind and caring team.  I have made friends for life at CY Partners.  We often find and complete challenges together to raise money for Charities, which is a really lovely thing to be able to do with your colleagues.’


If you’d like to connect with Helen on LinkedIn please search for Helen Tomlison.


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