The Centre for Life is reopening its Science Centre next month

I am excited to see news from the International Centre for Life here in Newcastle that they will be re-opening their Science Centre to the public on the 10th July 2021. This will be happening to Science Education Centres up and down the country over the summer. It was public access places like this and older museums that sparked a love for science in me and isn’t that how we all started? With an interest, a spark growing to a love for science, curiosity leading to further education and then jobs within the industry. Perhaps a little too much generalising on my part as we are all wonderfully different and what is great about the industries we work in, is there is more than one way to explore and work in them.

I remember the amazing Space exhibition the Life Science Centre launched a couple of years ago – which is still there.  Before that the Dinosaurs, Body Worlds Vital and various Lego exhibitions (which are back again). Last year we saw the ultimate: Lego Dinosaurs! In a brief window of restrictions being lowered the Lego Dinosaurs exhibition sent my children wild with delight with me and my husband not far behind. The wildness may have been due to the novelty of doing something that almost seemed normal, harking back to pre-pandemic times, or not remembering how to act ‘not wild’ in public spaces, but we still remember that day out.

Booking is essential, here’s a link to their website. 

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