Edinburgh Science Festival 2021

This weekend why not check out 2021 Edinburgh Science Festival. The theme is ‘One World: Science Connects Us’ and like most festivals there is something for everyone. We are thinking on-line only for us this year, so we will miss out on in person events such as the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ exhibition delving into oceans and waters at the National Museum of Scotland (although they do have some online content too), as well as what seems like walking trails for everything: from fossils, volcanoes, neuroscience and street art (based on women in STEM). Fingers crossed some of this will still be available to see later in August, when all being well, we aim to pay Edinburgh a visit.

There are over 160 events online with brilliant accessibility. I have listened to the BioPOD podcast series on vaccines made by Uni of Edinburgh PhD researchers already and can recommend. I also have my eye on solving a mystery virtually and Kids Lab at home as well as DNAtion. Check out the program for yourself here.

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