Welcome to the Team Matt!

The CY team are celebrating the arrival of another new team member!  We’re thrilled to welcome Matt Williams to our team!

Matt will be joining us as a Scientific Recruitment Consultant based in the South where he will be growing and developing his relationships with job-seekers and scientific organisations there.  With a Masters degree in Marine Biology from University of Essex, Matt primarily focused on population dynamics of tropical water fish using guppies to determine efficiency and quality at differing population sizes. He was involved in a project looking into 3D printing of coral reefs when the pandemic then happened and funding, like certain fish populations, disappeared.

Prior to joining the CY Team, Matt was involved in the COVID-positive contact clean-downs of local NHS facilities “It was a case of drop everything to get there and provide infection control as quickly and fully as possible.” Matt then worked his way into a managerial position being responsible for working with practice managers on audits and contracts as well as getting to grips with payroll and interviewing.

I caught up with Matt this week and we enjoyed comparing the evolution of farming practices in Cumbria and fishing practices in Jamaica where Matt grew up and fondly remembers spear fishing boat trips with his grandfather. A formative memory that possibly fed his long lived passion for scuba diving and ocean sustainability.

CY Partners’ Associate Director Neil Walton said “I’m very pleased Matt has joined the London team and I’m sure he’ll see a lot of success with us. Bringing together experience in account management, a strong drive to be successful and a good knowledge of Biological Sciences, Matt will no doubt prove to be a valuable team member.”

To find out more about Matt and his role add Matt Williams on LinkedIn.

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