Welcome to the Team Joe!

The CY team are celebrating the arrival of another new team member!  We’re thrilled to welcome Joe Leach to our team!

Joe will be joining us as a Scientific Recruitment Consultant specifically for Biotech based in the North, where he will be growing and developing his relationships with jobseekers and scientific industry organisations.  With a 2021 Bachelors degree in Environmental Science from Sheffield Hallam University, Joe primarily focused on air quality and pollution monitoring techniques at Heathrow in his final year dissertation.

He wanted to establish if the reduced number of flights due to the pandemic had a significant effect on air quality there, however as often happens in the world of scientific experimentation, he found things didn’t quite go to plan and the changing meteorological conditions in his control year and test year caused the pollution to interact with the environment in a different way and with the technology he had at his disposal, he did not have enough data to draw any valid conclusions.

Prior to joining the CY Team, Joe has taught English in Spain and worked his industrial placement year within environmental education in Wales where he supported teachers in the education of students on coastal and river ecosystems and supported lab studies into soil and water quality.

CY Partners’ Recruitment Consultant Owain Walsh, who Joe will be supporting had this to say on the matter:

“It’s exciting times here at CY! Joe joins our expanding Biotechnology team fresh from completing his degree in Environmental Sciences, and is eager to get to grips with recruitment and the sector. I’m sure with his unrivalled empathetic enthusiasm and passion for the sciences, he will be well placed to support our candidates and clients.”

To find out more about Joe and his role add Joe Leach on LinkedIn.


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