Welcome to the Team Kieran!

The CY Partners team are celebrating the arrival of four fantastic new team members and I am thrilled to introduce to you the first up: Kieran Martin!

Kieran will be joining us as a Scientific Recruitment Consultant based in the North. He will be growing and developing his relationships with job-seekers and scientific organisations primarily within the life science and biotech arenas so if you think that’s yourself please get in touch!

With a first class degree in Biology from University of Northumbria, specialising in the Environmental, Kieran focused on “Evaluating the effect of different management strategies at two urban floral strips on pollinator abundance and diversity.” for his dissertation.

Interestingly he found that ‘managed’ floral strips (where weeds were removed and the flowers there were purposely planted/maintained) were more effective in attracting social bees Bombus spp. and ‘unmanaged’ (flowers sown, left to grow naturally with weeds and no intervention) sites attracted a greater diversity of insect taxa such as hoverflies and other hymenoptera. Kieran also discovered that floral choice in social bees (Bombus spp and Apis mellifera) varied more than the more niche preference of hoverflies and other hymenoptera. As a keen gardener myself I am pleased I now have a much better understanding of the environmental impact I am making; both if I get out there and if I don’t!

I look forward to chatting all things environmental with Kieran at our Covid-delayed Christmas get together soon and we hope he will be joining Lucy and others on our eco-committee to share with us even a little of what he knows.

CY Partners’ Director Dan Younger said “I’m pleased Kieran has joined the Newcastle team and I’m sure he’ll see a lot of success with us. Bringing his biological science and customer services experience he will no doubt prove to be a valuable team member.”

To find out more about Kieran and his role add Kieran Martin on LinkedIn.

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