The 5 secrets of happiness at work

Work is not supposed to be fun – is it? Many of the world’s most successful companies are learning that happy employees are loyal and do amazing things, so let’s look at why happiness at work matters.

Why is happiness at work Important?

Studies have shown that employees make better decisions when they are happy. When they aren’t stressed out or anxious, their clarity improves and they take calculated risks rather than making panic-based decisions. Opposingly, unhappy employees are more likely to work less and leave a job which costs businesses time and money to continually hire and train new staff.

As well as having positive impacts within your organisation, happy employees spread that joy to your clients, offering a better level of customer service, and increasing customer satisfaction rates.

How do you make your people happy?

So how do you foster feelings of happiness in your teams? The good news is that firstly, to be happy at work, employees don’t actually have to hold fascinating roles that completely fulfil their personal and academic potential! The reason why a person does a job can be much more important than what that job actually is. Secondly, wage increases and financial bonuses are not the answer either.  Yes, these will temporarily improve how good a person feels about their job, but in the long term, it won’t make them happy. Instead, here are 5 quick tips that will increase happiness in your workplace:

  1. Values are important

Multiple studies have shown that happy workers often find congruence between their moral values, and their employer’s. In other words, being a business that does good in the world and takes care of people is hugely important in how happy your employees will be!

  1. Offer a sense of purpose

A clear, meaningful purpose is essential to keep an organisation focused and, on an individual level, it lets people know the reason for their roles and responsibilities. If they can see how their contribution matters, it can go a long way to making them happy in their work.

  1. Encourage people to talk and bond

When employees have at least one good friend at their job they will be seven times more engaged in their work! Help to foster this by creating an environment where people can talk and bond inside and outside of the office.

  1. Create clear career pathways

People want to know that they have a future in their organisation. That’s why training opportunities, career mentoring, and transparent developmental paths are critical for improving a person’s level of happiness at work.

  1. Acknowledge accomplishments

If someone does a good job, lay on lunch for their whole team, or change their job title, or give them a 3-day weekend! Don’t wait until bonus time comes around, reward them right there and then.

Getting Started

Creating a happy work environment is not easy, but the dividends are worth it. Remember, we all have different personalities and expectations so what makes one person happy may not work for everyone. Focus on creating a workplace where everyone has what they need to succeed and knows that their well-being is important. That’s a great place to start.

If you’re interested in talking to our team about how we could help you create a happy workplace environment, or how we could help you meet your scientific staffing needs this Autumn, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

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