Elevate your organisational agility: the impact of hiring temporary workers

Economic uncertainties, shifting market demands and the need for specialised expertise are driving scientific organisations to seek innovative solutions for their workforce needs. One such formula gaining traction is the strategic use of temporary or contingent workers. As experts in the recruitment market, CY Partners are at the forefront of this method. From our recruitment hubs in Newcastle, London and Manchester, we approach temporary recruitment with an unwavering commitment to delivering only the best people who align with the overarching goals of the company.

In this article we explore the benefits of recruiting temporary employees in pharma, biotech and related sectors, why temporary hiring is gaining momentum and how we can help you find the right people when you need them most.

The rising trend: why temp recruitment is flourishing

As financial instabilities continue to cast a shadow of unpredictability, businesses are searching for ways to mitigate risks while maintaining operational efficiency. Several recent reports highlight the increasing reliance on temporary staff as a calculated response to the evolving job market:

According to the Ceridian 2023 Executive survey 65% of companies have expressed their intention to increase their use of contingent workers, a testament to the growing significance of flexible staffing solutions.

Recent data shows that permanent hires have experienced a significant decline, the fastest in two years, making the case for temporary staffing solutions more compelling than ever.

Amidst lingering uncertainties in the job market, employers are turning to temporary staff to manage fluctuations in demand and ensure a nimble workforce that can respond effectively to changing conditions.

And according to Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, “In the face of high levels of uncertainty and labour shortages, it is no surprise that temporary workers are playing a bigger role in companies’ plans. Our world-leading temporary work market remains vital to many companies.’

The advantages of hiring temporary workers

Through the adoption of temporary staffing, organisations can unlock a multitude of benefits that have the potential to substantially influence their growth and productivity:

Targeted and project-centric expertise

Temporary workers play a pivotal role by offering specialised skills tailored to the specific duration and demands of each assignment. Swiftly recruited through temporary staffing, these professionals possess the precise expertise needed, ensuring project execution is marked by the highest level of proficiency.

Flexibility and rapid scalability

Temporary workers provide a responsive solution that empowers companies to scale their workforce based on project demands, market shifts or budget constraints. This adaptability not only ensures competitiveness but also prevents overstaffing or understaffing. With the ability to rapidly scale up or down as project demands evolve, temporary workers optimise resource allocation, enabling science-driven enterprises to maintain their edge in the industry.

Innovation injection

Temp workers can inject fresh perspectives. Their exposure to diverse work environments and challenges can lead to creative solutions that might otherwise remain undiscovered. This constant influx of new ideas invigorates teams and keeps organisations on the cutting edge.

Smart staffing strategies

Adopting the ‘try before you buy’ approach, temporary staffing enables companies to evaluate applicants’ performance, cultural congruence and team compatibility before committing to a permanent hire. This risk mitigation strategy ensures that they make informed decisions, reducing the potential for costly misalignments.

Seamless transition to permanency

Hiring temp workers doesn’t just stop at the temporary phase. It opens the door to a smoother transition to permanent employment for the right hires. By allowing both parties to evaluate compatibility and fit, companies can integrate top performers into their core team, avoiding disruptions and fostering continuity.

Cost efficiency

Compared to hiring full-time employees, temp workers offer a more cost-effective solution, especially for short-term or project-based needs.

Knowledge transfer and collaboration

This cross-pollination of ideas and expertise enriches the organisation’s collective knowledge.

Talent pipeline and recruitment strategy

Leveraging temps as a talent pipeline streamlines the recruitment process and reduces the time involved in sourcing external candidates.

Our streamlined approach to temp recruitment

 At CY Partners, we take pride in our ability to connect organisations with exceptionally skilled temporary workers.

Here’s how we do it:

Comprehensive analysis

By clearly defining the job requirements, we select suitable candidates only, saving the business time and effort.

Talent pool management

We utilise online platforms and other effective acquisition strategies to quickly identify qualified candidates.

Screening and assessment

By filtering applicants, we present a shortlist of highly qualified individuals, minimising time and resources spent on reviewing unsuitable applications.

Efficient onboarding

We facilitate a seamless transition for temps, enabling them to contribute from day one. We ensure that all necessary right to work, reference and compliance checks are conducted.

Ongoing support

Regular check-ins with both parties help to address concerns promptly, ensuring a positive working experience and relationship.

Employment status and contract

We manage and issue contracts to temporary workforces, taking care of all legislative requirements, ensuring AWD compliance, from employment eligibility, qualification checking and referencing, to administering and processing WTR, PAYE, NI, and auto enrolment pension contribution.

In summary

As the scientific recruitment landscape continues to evolve, organisational agility is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. During a time of uncertainty, effectively employing temporary staff can enhance an organisation’s adaptability, enabling them to adeptly handle challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

If you have temporary or interim staffing requirements across any facet of your business, we stand ready to be your partner of choice. Contact us today here.

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