When is the Right Time to Look for a New Job?

As we approach the end of Quarter 1 of 2021, many of us may be thinking it is time to have another reflection and re-evaluation of our jobs. You may be thinking – is this a good time to look for a new role?

It’s always beneficial to frequently review your career and asses how far you have come, and ask the question, “Is this place still helping me grow and develop?”. If the answer is no, it may be time to start considering various other factors before you decide to start looking for a new opportunity.

The good news is that the Science Industry has seen an increase in hiring, with an increase in Laboratory Scientists of 68% (thisismoney.co.uk) we have also seen a marked increase in pharmaceutical and research roles.  The science industry is booming and continues to advance forward!

Asking Yourself the Right Questions

Consider asking yourself these key points to help you decide when it is the best time to make the difficult decision to leave.

Progression and Development

We should always strive to continue our career growth. Looking back at your own trajectory, how much have you grown in your time with your current employer? Has there been a lot of support in your own professional development and obtaining further qualifications? Are there clear progression paths and opportunities for you to continue learning and to gain new skills, or do you feel you have hit a limit?

Support and Mentoring

When times are tough, we look to our leaders and managers for the support and knowledge on how to overcome difficult hurdles. Has this been provided to you when you have asked for it, and has your manager helped explore problems and issues when you have brought it up? Do you have an experienced mentor in the workplace who you can continually learn from? Do you have the option to ask for more guidance before you take the plunge to leave?

Workload and Responsibilities

If your workload is growing but your role continues to stay the same, you may need to ask yourself if this has been acknowledged and recognised, and if this is something that you can manage. How much support do you receive when you are overwhelmed with tasks and projects? Are you being given further responsibilities and potentially to help train and coach junior members of staff?

Salary Stagnation

Being given the right financial compensation to reflect your role responsibilities and level is often quite a tough aspect to discern. It’s well worth researching salaries in your area to gain an understanding of industry market rates and reflecting on whether you have been given pay increases to reflect new responsibilities.

New Challenges

Do you feel like you have reached a limit and stagnated in your current role? Ask yourself what your core motivations are, and then see whether your current employer can provide these challenges and incentives to keep you inspired. Consider whether the company values are also aligned with yours, and that you still feel connected to the company’s vision and mission.

Likes and Dislikes of your Role

If you are having a difficult period at work, it is worth listing out the pros and cons of your role before you make any decision. What do you like and dislike about working at your company? What are the benefits and disadvantages? Writing out a list is a quick process that can allow you to take a step back and look at your position from an objective point of view, and help you understand if there could be solutions to any problems you have identified. If you realise that your job is no longer right for you and there aren’t many positives to make you stay, then it could be the time to start looking for something new.

Change is always a tough decision to make, but in order to keep growing we have to reach outside of our comfort zones. If you are wondering if there could be a better opportunity out there for you, for whatever reason, feel free to get in touch now with one of our Consultants for a chat. We are always happy to support you with your search or any questions, so get in touch today!

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